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Whakatere waka Tours, Traditional Māori Sailing and Navigation Tour

Embark on a tour which will provide you with an in-sight into the pacific migration which brought the Māori people here to New Zealand (Aotearoa) hundreds of years ago, and the type of waka they came on. It will also provide an overview of how traditional celestial navigation was and still is used.

This intimate tour includes being picked up from the Napier port, from there we head to Te Matau a Māui waka which is a traditional double hulled waka docked in Ahuriri, where you get a private tour around the docked waka (please note this is docked only, no sailing). Then enjoy a drive to the Ātea a Rangi along the coast with guides providing some of the local Māori history of the area on the way. Once at the Atea a Rangi, we cover, at a high level, the pacific migration, history of the Ātea and how we teach traditional navigation and promote the environment. 

The Ātea a Rangi is one of the most cultural significant sites in Hawkes Bay and also one of the most popular sites for photographers in the region, so this is a special cultural experience that no one else can offer

Atea a Rangi Star Compass at Waitangi on coast
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