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Commercial use & Tourism

The general public and tourists can enjoy this site at their own leisure.

For any organised commercial activity or to request holding an event,  

please contact the Regional Council & Ātea a Rangi Educational Trust for approval to use the Ātea a Rangi site.


Requests for use of the Ātea a Rangi at the Waitangi Regional Park can be made here, please allow up to 3 working days for a reply for a one off event. Tourist operators can apply for season passes at this link also, however there are strict guidelines to follow.


Parts of the Waitangi Regional Park are wāhi tapu, sacred, and of significance to mana whenua.

Any of the following commercial activities require the consent of the Ātea a Rangi Educational Trust and the Regional Council:

• Filming                      • Tours - either tourism or schools

• Photography            • Any commercial tourism activity

• Drones

The Ātea a Rangi Educational Trust is the only mana whenua group recognised as the authority to give kōrero at the Ātea a Rangi.

To book a tour of the Ātea a Rangi or to have an Ātea a Rangi crew member guide please use the contact details at the bottom of this page.

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